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Fans blast Cristian Romero for revealing Tottenham important information

Latest Tottenham news with Cristian Romero delivering an Ange Postecoglou and major trophy verdict

Cristian Romero has disclosed a crucial detail on the Tottenham trophy: the defender appears to be implying that Ange Postecoglou might be the one to present the awards to the team. Spurs hadn’t won a trophy since 2008, when they beat Chelsea in the Carling Cup. Despite the arrival of excellent managers, they were unable to lift the curse.

The squad underwent a transition under Mauricio Pochettino, Jose Mourinho, and Antonio Conte, losing some of its identity and failing to win a championship. However, with Postecoglou in command, the Spurs appear to be back in the title race and north London is finally seeing a return to free-flowing play.

With the addition of James Maddison and Micky van de Ven in the summer and Son Heung-min getting back to his previous level of play, Spurs have enough talent in their starting lineup to win titles. Romero says attitude will be the deciding factor.

“As a professional, I want to win trophies and compete in the best competitions, but everything depends on our mentality,” he said in an interview with SWM.The club is buzzing with activity, and we are definitely getting closer to our goals. Only if we continue to take the right steps will things get better.

Trophies are not simply won by players and coaching staff; other variables also play a part. There must have strong standing within the club.

Arranged, beginning with the President, who is the most significant individual. In order for the club to function successfully in every way, it is up to him to make the appropriate decisions.

Still, we’re in a very good spot. The team has taken the right decisions, thanks to the efforts of the coach, sporting director, and every staff member. If they continue to make similar decisions and go in this route, we will get closer to winning trophies.

Romero is evidently a huge fan of the Australian, and even though Postecoglou lost Harry Kane just a few days before the season started, he managed to bring the team’s supporters together. This is on top of the recently signed players and a few current players who are having the time of their lives with the team.

“We are delighted that the club appointed a coach like Ange,” he stated. “It has been really important for every player on the club, especially the younger ones. The team needed a coach who understood the history and identity of the club. A lot more work remains, but it’s a decent start. I have optimism, of course, but this is a competitive league.”

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