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‘They don’t value what they’ve got’: Fabrizio Romano blast Spurs fans after hearing what they think about £15m star

Fabrizio Romano says Spurs think £15m player isn’t rated highly enough

Romano thinks Spurs fans are ‘crazy’ for slamming Spurs exceptional player after improving and giving his all to Tottenham Hotspur.

Tottenham has recently signed Destiny Udogie to a new deal.The Italian has committed to a long-term stay in north London, and it’s safe to assume that Tottenham is satisfied with their business here.

In fact, Tottenham believes that Udogie is being underappreciated by the media at the moment. This is according to Fabrizio Romano, who made this claim when appearing on The Debrief. Spurs are also quite pleased with Udogie’s growth.

What a player': Destiny Udogie impressed by £17m Tottenham player vs Fulham

Fabrizio Romano think Udogie is underrated

Romano revealed the information he is aware of regarding the defender.

Indeed, it is finished. Everything has a signature. After signing a new deal with Tottenham, Destiny Udogie is performing exceptionally well. The club is extremely pleased with him, and they believe the media undervalues what he has accomplished in his maiden Premier League season, according to Romano.

Udogie is underrated

We tend to agree with Tottenham when they say that Udogie is a little bit underappreciated.

Undoubtedly, he has been one of the Premier League’s most promising new prospects this season. Perhaps this is because he wasn’t given as much attention as he deserves since signing last summer.

Destiny Udogie leads the way in this impressive Premier League statistic - Spurs Web - Tottenham Hotspur Football News

All the information you require is revealed by the fact that Tottenham has signed him to a new contract after just six months in the Premier League. This little athlete is clearly going to have a big career because he is already leaving his imprint.

Finding a left-back in the league who has performed better this season than Udogie would be difficult, and at just 21 years old, he still has a ton of space to develop.

While Tottenham’s hiring decisions in recent years have been rather erratic, Udogie is without a doubt one of their better acquisitions during this time.

The Italian is a tremendous asset to Spurs, and following the signing of his new contract, he plans to stay.


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