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‘What a stupid thing to say’… Robbie Savage can’t believe what Chris Sutton has said about Tottenham

There’s been a lot to like about Tottenham this season, but even the biggest Spurs fan may admit that the praise has gone a bit over the top at times.

Though we adore everything that Ange Postecoglou has accomplished for the Spurs, he isn’t truly a miracle worker in north London, despite what people say.

In actuality, Tottenham is now fifth in the league and has only won one of their previous six league games, so they are not exactly in terrific form.

Speaking on BBC 606, Chris Sutton and Robbie Savage got into an argument regarding Spurs. Sutton asserted that many supporters are envious of what’s going on at Tottenham, while Savage strongly disagreed.

Savage and Sutton debate Tottenham’s perception

The two pundits had a disagreement over how other fans view Tottenham.

“”I tell you what’s happening this season, there’s so much jealousy towards Spurs, people want to kick Spurs because of the excitement,” Sutton said.

“What? Are Arsenal jealous of Spurs? What are you talking about? Arsenal are jealous of Spurs? What are you talking about you idiot, are Liverpool fans jealous of Spurs? What an idiotic comment that is,” Savage said.

“According to Chris, teams are jealous of Spurs, so Man City fans, Liverpool fans, and Arsenal fans, and Aston Villa fans, are you jealous of Spurs? What a stupid thing to say.”


Although everyone in the game admires what Tottenham has accomplished this season, it might be a bit much to label it jealously.

To be honest, not much is said by the fact that the only two of the major six teams who would realistically switch places with Spurs at this time are Manchester United and Chelsea.

Even if Manchester City and Arsenal are two very entertaining teams, it’s difficult to envision their fan bases longing for their club to be more like Tottenham. Tottenham is still a long way from both teams.

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