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UK Verdict: Gary Neville’s massive Ange wrap as ‘almost revolutionary’ tactic transforms Spurs

Tottenham’s style of football under Ange Postecoglou continues to have the UK media talking after their dismantling of top four hopefuls Newcastle United.

when a five-game Premier League losing streak, some had started to distrust Ange Postecoglou, but when Newcastle United was destroyed 4-1 this week, big personalities in the UK football world praised the A-League icon once again.

Manchester United veteran and Sky Sports presenter Gary Neville has given some of the highest accolades.

The former captain of Manchester United remarked on The Gary Neville Podcast, following Tottenham’s comfortable victory against the Magpies, “I’ve been impressed with them all season.”

“We did the game (against City) at the Etihad and they were very good there. I mean they could’ve been turned over in the first half, Erling Haaland missed those couple of chances.

“But what you cannot deny is the football. It sounds really simple this but football fans love watching exciting football. They will forgive a lot if you actually are watching football that is breath-taking.

“It is such a brilliant way of playing. I used to love (Mauricio) Pochettino’s time here because his football was high energy, front foot, pressing. The technical level that we’re watching out there in this Spurs team is fantastic and they’re not the best players in the world by the way. They lost one of their world class players because (Heung Min) Son is another one.

“At the start of the season if you’d said to me that Ange Postecoglou would get a team playing like this I would’ve said, no, no chance. Even if he’s a great coach, to come and get them doing what they’re doing.

“I enjoy playing their games a lot. I always say, “Yeah, I’m having that,” when I see Tottenham on the roster for the next month when you receive yours at the conclusion of the previous one. We all want the game to be incredibly amazing, and I’m sure it will be.

“Over the past few weeks, they have been beaten up.” When does this amazing game of football turn into naiveté? was the query I raised (versus City) in the first half. He is right, I think; after a month without a victory, we have asked for that. However, the fact that they are injured is amazing. As a Tottenham fan, they are with the players and the administration. Without a doubt, this is what they desire.

They won’t, in my opinion, place among the top three. They may secure the fourth spot.

“They’re just breathtaking,” he continued. The tempo and speed of the game. The way they leap ahead and make a commitment. The midfielders and full backs are always sprinting forward when they break.

“It reminds me a bit of going back to the best teams, they don’t care what’s behind them. They just go. It’s a brilliant, brilliant spectacle.”

Ex-Tottenham and England midfielder Jermaine Jenas, who is now a pundit in the UK, previously dismissed Postecoglou’s work in Scotland.

After former Celtic striker Chris Sutton and then-Hibernian boss Lee Johnson both likened Postecoglou’s Celtic to Manchester City, Jenas laughed it off on BT Sport at the time last year, saying, “you better stop talking right now, I am not having that.”

However, after supporting the A-League legend—who has already won championships with South Melbourne, Brisbane Roar, the Socceroos, and Yokohama F. Marinos—to win a trophy at Tottenham, Jenas has now been converted to Postecoglou’s faith.”The concept that individuals may find difficult to comprehend – please do not misunderstand.” As I watch Chelsea play, I think to myself, “What’s going on here? Why don’t we just go to sleep and defend the box?”

“Those who think like that are telling others to merely win the game, while he is gazing so far ahead of them. His goal is to alter culture for many years to come.

“You don’t get to where he is without knowing your stuff and having the ability to shift when you need to…he’s a top, top manager. The people that are going to doubt him are going to the ones that rue it in the end.

“I think he will win a trophy playing they way he plays. Nobody tells Pep to dial it in do they? Nobody looks at City and goes ‘oh, a bit too expansive there…nobody does that’. Everyone has their own way of winning.

“Spurs fans have been suffocated in recent years in terms of the style of football and everyone in the stadium is loving what they’re seeing…will he win a trophy? Yes. When that will be, I don’t know. But he will definitely win one with that style of football.”

Meanwhile, on Sky Sports, former Spurs midfielder Jamie Redknapp declared that Postecoglou has transformed Tottenham from ‘unwatchable’ to the most watchable team in the Premier League.

“Spurs the past few years have been the most unwatchable team in the Premier League,” said Sky Sports pundit Jamie Redknapp.

“But he [Postecoglou] has made them the most watchable with his inverted full-backs and his style.

“It shows you how quickly things can change if you get in the right manager. It’s an unbelievable change in morale and belief in this football club.

“I know they’ve had this rotten run of late but I have so much belief in this guy.


“I hope they look after him and give him what he wants as I think Spurs have got someone very special in place.

“I know he wasn’t their first choice, but what an unbelievable job he’s done so far. He has turned this club around.”

On Postecoglou’s unique use of his full-backs, Redknapp added: “It’s quite unique. We’ve seen managers before bring a centre-back into midfield, maybe one full-back comes in. The way they play with both of them coming in, it gives the other team so many problems.

“You have no idea who you are targeting. Their playing is delightful and somewhat innovative, with a great deal of flexibility.

“I really enjoy viewing it. That full-back position is one that many young players and grassroots managers are considering, and he has drastically altered it.

“You can see what Ange Postecoglou is doing today, and Pep [Guardiola] has done it throughout his career.

Many did question if he would be able to repeat his success in Scotland after moving from Celtic.

“But he’s demonstrated that in six months, a team’s style of play can be altered.”


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