Mystery American behind West Ham bid has been revealed earlier today




Bobby Kotick named as American behind West Ham bid

But at the end of October, Vanessa Gold—the daughter of David and sister of Jacqueline—officially said that she is considering selling a portion of their West Ham shares.

Now that the identity of the unnamed American leading the West Ham bid has been revealed, it is Activision CEO Bobby Kotick.

A US actor who previously starred with Brad Pitt in the film Moneyball would be interested in purchasing a modest stake in West Ham, Whetstone said in response to X.

That man, for those of you who have watched the film or the provided footage, is Activision Blizzard CEO Kotick, who was born in New York.

The sixty-year-old Kotick played Oakland Athletics co-owner Stephen Schott in a cameo appearance in the movie Moneyball.

Kotick’s Call of Duty to West Ham?

It is estimated that his net worth is between £500 million and £5.5 billion. Considering that Activision Blizzard has been the largest and most lucrative Western interactive entertainment firm for the last thirty years, the latter amount is probably calculated.

Bobby Kotick's post-Activision career could involve Premier League football | VGC

The firm is well known for creating the major video game titles World of Warcraft and Call of Duty.

Whetstone repeated his implication in a follow-up interview with Video Games Chronicle.

Whetstone told VGC that “a trustworthy source gave me the name of Bobby Kotick as someone who might be interested in investing in West Ham.”

Given Kotick’s purported interest in buying a stake in the team, West Ham supporters will be searching for more cash as the Hammers battle to compete with the best teams in Europe and the Premier League.

Todd Boehly’s US consortium was connected to a possible interest in West Ham prior to acquiring Chelsea.

Hammers News also recently reported on West Ham’s business presence in New York City.

Hammers News got in touch with the top insider at West Ham to talk about the development and find out if the team’s main owner, David Sullivan, or second-largest stakeholder, Daniel Kretinsky, would be interested in buying Gold shares when they become available.

It was stated that the two were “undecided.”


West Ham United biggest secret on transfers has now been exposed that will shock fans


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