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Harry Kane reveals the biggest thing he misses about his life at Tottenham after moving to Bayern Munich

Harry Kane has revealed what he misses the most after leaving Tottenham Hotspur for Bayern Munich.

Kane signed a projected €120 million contract to join German Bundesliga champion Bayern during the summer transfer window, leaving the Spurs.

After joining the Bavarian team, Kane has made just 19 appearances in all competitions, but already has 22 goals and seven assists.

Even with his early success in Germany, Kane has acknowledged that there are still things about living in London that he misses.

Kane stated in an interview with the Evening Standard: “Just that homely feeling.” familiar settings, like a café or a dog walk in the neighborhood.

“It was Epping Forest when I was closer to Essex Way or east London. I take them over to the Heath since I moved to Hampstead, and they like it there.

He went on: “A pleasant location in London.” Beast is a restaurant that I used to frequent quite a bit. It’s a steakhouse, but they also serve delicious crab.

“I’m enjoying the new environment,” Kane remarked of his surroundings. Simply experiencing new cultures is enjoyable.

The shorts were heavier than I anticipated, but it’s still a fairly interesting tradition.

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The captain of England has also talked about his learnings.

He stated, “Knowing that I can overcome difficult situations and come out on the other side has taught me a lot about my work ethic and perspective. I constantly tell myself that the chances are now in my favor if things doesn’t work out. Losing an opportunity is more likely to occur again than experiencing another setback.

“Instead of pouting, pointing the finger at other people, or complaining, I accept responsibility for my decisions and actions. Throughout my career, I’ve come to realize how important it is to own every moment, good or terrible.


Jamie O’Hara claims 25-year-old Tottenham player has now become a real ‘problem’

Ange Postecoglou’s Tottenham Hotspur team won spectacularly on Sunday, but Jamie O’Hara was still not happy with one player.

Speaking on talkSPORT this morning, O’Hara expressed his amusement.

And while talking about the Spurs victory, O’Hara was astonished by Cristian Romero’s deeds.

Romero displayed his customary recklessness by putting an extra foot into a challenge, risking a red card, even though Tottenham was ahead and controlling the game brilliantly.

Additionally, O’Hara believed Romero would ultimately cost Postecoglou at Tottenham.

I simply don’t know what goes through his mind; he’s a phenomenal, world-class player, e remarked.

And I am aware that he plays riskily; other athletes take risks all the time. You recently returned from a three-game ban.

“I simply think he needs to learn to be able to [stop], but I just don’t think he can,” the player said. “If he gets sent off, he gets four games. I believe it’s simply a natural aspect of him as a player and the aggressive manner he attacks.

“He presents a challenge for us, but the players support him, and he excels when he’s on the field despite playing at the edge.”

“The issue is that he doesn’t put in enough time.”

Jamie O’Hara thinks Cristian Romero is a problem for Ange Postecoglou’s Tottenham

Naturally, a lot of Tottenham supporters will now agree with O’Hara.

Romero can undoubtedly play a key role in Postecoglou’s Tottenham ambition.

But if he keeps acting recklessly, he just won’t be.

A player that continually chooses to take unnecessary risks for his team is extremely difficult to defend.

A commentator made the suggestion that it was time to speak with Romero, but that conversation has undoubtedly already happened.

Romero could not be in the starting lineup when Micky van de Ven returns if Tottenham is successful in their January transfer window. Tottenham is rumored to be searching for a center-back.

Not because of his skills, but because of his disposition.

Romero can be a crucial player for Postecoglou, as O’Hara says, and he proves it each week.

However, it’s not feasible to design a project around a player with such erratic behavior.

Romero will now have to think about his behavior in upcoming games because Tottenham has been connected to a very good defense for £40 million in January.

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