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‘Done and Dusted’: Tottenham and Top Serie A team signs deal for another expensive star to go in January

Juventus is reportedly willing to take bids of up to £20 million for Sameul Iling-Junior, a target for Tottenham, according to Football Insider.Over the last few weeks, there has been a lot of conjecture that Iling-Junior may go to Tottenham. According to multiple sources, the Lilywhites are first in line to recruit the 20-year-old (Evening Standard).

It has surfaced over the past few days that other teams, including Brighton (TEAMtalk) and Marseille (CalcioMercato), are vying for the signature of the Chelsea academy graduate.

But according to Tuttosport two days ago, the Spurs are still ahead since the player is represented by CAA Base, under the leadership of Frank Trimboli, who enjoys a good working connection with Daniel Levy.

Samuel Iling-Junior will cost Tottenham £20m

Iling-Junior is viewed as a “perfect fit” for Ange Postecoglou’s style of play, according to Football Insider, which further supports Tottenham’s interest in the Juve star.

They disclose that the Bianconeri are willing to take bids for the winger that are approximately £20 million next month because they do not want to see him lose any more value.

According to the article, Tottenham has received a “huge boost” ahead of January from Juventus’s stance on Iling-Junior.

The cost won’t be a problem for Spurs or any other Premier League team, but I think Iling-Junior will have to make the final decision because his entourage will probably get calls from a few English teams regarding a January transfer. Whether Postecoglou can persuade the young player that he will receive frequent starts at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is still to be seen.

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Pundits blasts Chris Sutton for ‘sarcastic’ statement he made about Spurs after brutal debate

This season, Tottenham has shown a lot of promise, but even the most ardent supporter will concede that at times, the accolades have been a little excessive.Even while we adore what Ange Postecoglou has accomplished for the Spurs, it’s not true that he’s a miracle worker in north London as much as people think.In actuality, Tottenham is now in fifth place in the league after winning only one of their last six league games. Not exactly fantastic form, is it?

Chris Sutton and Robbie Savage clash on live radio after pundit claims Cardiff City got what they deserved against Chelsea - Wales Online

Speaking on BBC 606, Robbie Savage and Chris Sutton got into an argument regarding Spurs. Sutton asserted that many supporters are envious of what’s going on at Tottenham, but Savage strongly disagreed.

Savage and Sutton debate Tottenham’s perception

The two commentators couldn’t agree on how other supporters felt about Tottenham.

“I’ll tell you what, this season has been so exciting that people want to kick Spurs because of all the jealousy,” Sutton remarked.

“What?” Do Arsenal feel envious of Spurs? About what do you speak? Is Arsenal envious of Spurs? Are Liverpool supporters envious of Spurs, you idiot? What are you talking about? What a stupid remark it is, Savage exclaimed.

“Chris claims that teams are envious of Spurs, therefore are supporters of Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Aston Villa envious of Spurs as well? That was such a dumb thing to say.


Although everyone in the game admires what Tottenham has accomplished this season, it might be a bit much to label it jealously.

To be honest, not much is said by the fact that the only two of the major six teams who would realistically switch places with Spurs at this time are Manchester United and Chelsea.

Even if Manchester City and Arsenal are two very entertaining teams, it’s difficult to envision their fan bases longing for their club to be more like Tottenham. Tottenham is still a long way from both teams.

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