Vile abuse that drove Farrell away from Test rugby a sad reflection of society

Rugby columnist Ollie Phillips writes this week on the news that England Test captain Owen Farrell is walking away from international rugby for the Six Nations to manage his and his family’s well-being.

How bad must celebrity abuse grow before significant, severe, and effective action is done against primarily anonymous accounts that post depraved content from their faceless profiles?

Because it is incredibly terrible that England rugby captain Owen Farrell announced this week that he will be taking a hiatus from playing for his country to prioritize his and his family’s mental health.

One of England’s best players, the Saracens No. 10 is among the best fly-halves in the game right now.

Farrell will be back

Since he has been playing at such a high caliber for so long, any decline in his performance is met with derision akin to vultures attacking a carcass.

Although some of the behavior he has endured from so-called fans is disgusting, it is indicative of the culture in which we currently reside.

I do support free expression, but these platforms need to set up a mechanism that allows abuse to be reported, quickly deleted, and results in bans for offenders.

As retired referee Wayne Barnes has stated since the World Cup, a lot of athletes and sportspeople are able to handle the pressure of competing professionally.

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