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‘Forget about it’ – Ange Postecoglou blasts plans to introduce sin bins into football

Ange Postecoglou has dismissed and blasted plans to bring in sin bins to football as well as plans for VAR being deployed more widely. 

Temporary dismissals of players for offences such as dissent and specific tactical fouls were backed by the International Football Association Board at its annual business meeting this week.

It was also reported that IFAB has been discussing if VAR could extend its remit to verifying free-kicks, checking second yellow cards that lead to red cards, and for corners, although football’s lawmakers insist no changes will

be made to VAR that would result in longer games delays.

Although Postecoglou has never been a huge fan of video technology, he believes that additional VAR intervention will totally spoil the game.

“I will explode, mate, if I hear one more person say that it doesn’t re-referee a game!” he exclaimed.

“It is doing just in that manner. It was brought in due to blatant and evident mistakes. For me, it would be a glaring and apparent mistake if everyone in this room observed something and concluded that it was unquestionably incorrect.

“I think the majority of folks here are saying that it’s not right right now.


Ange Postecoglou ‘gutted’ at latest Tottenham injury blow but has no plans to alter set-up against Man City

Spurs missing 11 first-team players for the daunting trip to the Etihad on Sunday

Rodrigo Bentancur’s injury will keep him out of action for “at least two months,” according to Ange Postecoglou, who also expressed his sadness for the Uruguayan and expressed his desire to see him play this weekend against Manchester City alongside Yves Bissouma.

After a reckless challenge by Matty Cash in Tottenham’s 2-1 loss to Aston Villa on Sunday, Bentancur—who had ACL surgery back in February—suffered damaged ankle ligaments. This was his first professional start in nine months.

With 11 first-team players absent for Sunday’s trip to City, the Spurs’ injury issue is anticipated to worsen as he is expected to be out for a further 10 weeks.

“Your greatest feeling is for him,” Postecoglou remarked on Friday.

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