England star makes shocking Rugby World Cup final admission

An England star has made a frank admission regarding their famous Rugby World Cup final win over Australia

England hero Jason Robinson has admitted that he has never rewatched the 2003 Rugby World Cup final.

This week marked 20 years since England’s only Rugby World Cup triumph.


After crossing for his team’s lone five-pointer in that game, Robinson is still the only Englishman to score a try in a Rugby World Cup final.

He acknowledges that he had watched parts of the game but not bothered to watch the entire thing again.

“I haven’t watched the game, but I always watch the clips of me sliding in, Jonny’s kick, and Johnno (Martin Johnson) lifting the trophy,” Robinson said to the PA news agency.

“All I’ve ever done is play games, and after I finish one, I move on to the next one. That has been my life. Most likely, I’ve been trained not to become emotionally invested in any one game.

“Funnily enough my eight-year-old wants to watch the final so at some point I’m sure we’ll stick it on and watch it in full.

“Some games, you think they’re better than they are. And then you watch them and see that you weren’t that great! I might be seeing that in the 2003 game.”


“It was hard for your life not to change. You come back and see the impact that it’s made on grassroots sport and the impact it had on fans,” he said.

“You’re receiving honors and visiting Downing Street and Buckingham Palace. Everybody wants to buy you a drink when you go somewhere, so you can’t buy a pint and you’re not paying the restaurant bills.

“We were receiving significantly more recognition than ever before and we were exposed in a way that we had never experienced before.

“That was good because it was the first time we had won anything since 1966, and it gave rugby a massive boost.” We had a great time as players, and it led to many more opportunities.

“It’s a rare day when I don’t hear from someone who says, ‘I remember where I was when.'”

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