‘I want the absolute proof’: Eddie Jones has some explaining to do

Jones  again denied having a Zoom interview with Japanese officials just days before coaching Australia at the World Cup in France, saying the Sydney Morning Herald report was “a red herring”.

After being fired on Sunday, McLennan says he would meet with Jones on Tuesday in an attempt to resolve the months-long controversy.

McLennan believes that if the reports are accurate, “that’s terrible and appalling” and “absolutely” poor form from the former Wallaby coach, but he is giving Jones the benefit of the doubt.

“Especially in the lead-up to a World Cup, when the team should be your primary focus,” he remarked.

“However, I haven’t seen the evidence. I need the unvarnished evidence.

In reality, I’ll be seeing him on Tuesday. I just want it to be absolutely validated that it happened in the manner that it was described. I’ve been promised that I will eventually get the proof.

“So, yes, if he did do it, terrible form, especially when you’re coaching a national team.

“But let’s wait and see the evidence.”

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When questioned why the governing body didn’t examine the coach further, RA Chief Executive Phil Waugh first took Jones at his word and declared it was time to move on following Jones’ resignation three weeks ago.

Additionally, McLennan backed RA’s choice to not question Jones, who has subsequently indicated that he would like to coach Japan once more after leading the Brave Blossoms to a historic victory over South Africa in the 2015 World Cup.

McLennan claimed that “he made several statements and denied it completely.”

“We were heading into more World Cup matches, and he had repeatedly denied it in public.

In order to further agitate the coach, consider asking a question for which you already know the answer.

to be [would not be wise].

“Phil Waugh had spoken to him and others and he denied it and his agent said that it was completely untrue.”

Jones on Sunday told James Graham’s ‘The Bye Round’ podcast that it would be madness to have been talking to Japanese officials about coaching their national team while already on a five-year contract with the Wallabies.

“It’s a red herring, an absolute red herring. People talk to you, agents call you, but I didn’t have any. Why would I have signed for five years and brought a young team to the World Cup? Why would I take a young team and put myself out there if I was going somewhere else? I could have just taken the solid players, and fans like older players. So, if I was planning to go somewhere else, why would I take a young team unless I’m a lunatic? “I’m probably close to but not a fully lunatic.”

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