Cheslin Kolbe finally reveals his World Cup final sin-bin thoughts

Cheslin Kolbe has revealed what was going through his mind after he was yellow carded in the Rugby World Cup final.



Cheslin Kolbe has confessed that he was gutted to receive a yellow card in the Rugby World Cup Final.


The now-iconic pictures of Kolbe covering his face to conceal his emotions gave an already intense moment even more emotion.

“It’s disappointing to receive a yellow card in the World Cup Final,” Kolbe said to reporters.

“I let the entire country down, which made me even more disappointed.”

“At the time, I disappointed my comrades.

Knowing that I would not be returning to the field, I looked up at the time and proceeded to sit on the chair. I cried and prayed simultaneously as I slipped the jersey over my head.

“If this was meant to be for us, I was praying that God would see us through to the conclusion.

“I think that was God’s plan for me and his calling for me, which was not to finish the game even though I would have loved to.

“I think his calling for me was to go out for the last eight to 10 minutes.

“I firmly believe that was where God wanted me to be at that stage.

To tell the truth, I was not present when the final whistle blew.

“When a member of the management team approached and grabbed me, I realized we had won the World Cup and were returning with gold to South Africa.”

It was a totally relieving moment.

We are aware of the significance of the victory for South Africa as well as how it unites our nation.

It unites individuals.

“It seems like what we need, and hopefully we can keep doing that and it doesn’t end.”


Kolbe gave credit to the coaching staff and Rassie Erasmus for fostering a new culture in the Springbok camp.

“The first thing they [Jacques Nienaber and Rassie Erasmus] said was that the culture needs to change and they

established a setting in which background is irrelevant,” Kolbe said.

“You may be authentic, and people can gain knowledge from you too.

“I believe that opening the Springbok door to the family was the turning point in both World Cups and the reason we prevailed.

“The families were permitted to remain with us for the duration of the World Cup.”

“Some of the other players [on other teams] didn’t have the luxury of having their families present,” the player said. They might have had certain days or be able to for five to ten days.

“It is refreshing and does help to bring a bit of calmness after a demanding training day to know that our families are there for us.”

“Everyone bought into it, but for other people who don’t have family there, it may be overpowering at times. That was truly unique.

It was amazing for them [the family] to simply enjoy that experience and watch how everything comes together.

We do make a lot of sacrifices, but our families make far more than we do. Many individuals are unaware of that. We as athletes give them our best admiration for what they accomplish and how they occasionally overcome obstacles because they have no idea what our families go through.


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