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Tottenham slap not-for-sale tag on expensive player who’ll now be under intense observation

Tottenham Hotspur have ruled out selling Richarlison in the January transfer window, but he will be under pressure in the second half of the season, a report has explained.

Richarlison has found it difficult to defend the sum of money Tottenham spent to sign him over the summer from Everton. It has already raised concerns about his future in North London and connections to a possible transfer to the Saudi Pro League.

Saudi Arabian officials have apparently determined that both Richarlison and his Tottenham colleague Son Heung-min are viable candidates to bring to the Middle East, and they think Richarlison is a more attainable objective.

Their optimism, though, may be misplaced as it appears from a number of reports that Tottenham will not part with Richarlison in January after all.

Football Insider is the most recent to make this claim, claiming that Tottenham isn’t even thinking about trading for Richardson during the winter.

The article does, however, caution Richarlison that Tottenham may consider selling him in the summer if his play does not improve in the second half of the season.

By then, Richarlison might still be heading to the Saudi Pro League, where he might run into fellow countrymen like Neymar, Fabinho, and Roberto Firmino.

However, no source has disclosed Richarlison’s exact position on Saudi Arabia as of yet.

Although he has a contract with Tottenham Hotspur Stadium until 2027, he has only made 46 appearances for the team and scored five goals.

Pressure rises on Richarlison for second half of season

As previously mentioned, Richarlison will be closely watched to make sure that his performance increases after January in order to maintain his position at Tottenham, or he runs the chance of losing it.

After trading their all-time top goalscorer to Bayern Munich in the summer, Tottenham did not immediately recruit a replacement for Harry Kane. As a result, they may choose to invest in more competition up front in 2024, which may hypothetically push Richarlison down the ladder.

This season, the former Watford attacker has started seven Premier League games and substituted in three more; nevertheless, despite dishing out three assists, he has only managed one goal in the top division.

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