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“People have opinions” – Tottenham player responds to recent criticism, talks held internally

On Wednesday, Thomas Gravesen had a bit of a dig at the Denmark national team, and claimed that the current squad was unhealthy.

That didn’t sit well with Tottenham midfielder Pierre-Emile Højbjerg, who faced the press on Thursday, and was asked directly about the situation in the team, relayed by TV2, especially after the comments from the former player.

This came after a rather subpar showing in a 2-1 victory against San Marino, which left many believing the Danish national team ought to be easily defeating such competition.

The Tottenham midfielder stated that although he recognizes the criticism’s source, the squad believes that things are now heading in the correct direction.

The Spurs player want to try to ignore what is being stated outside of the team, and what has been discussed behind closed doors will stay confidential amongst the players.

He said: “We know we have to focus on the things we can do something about, and I understand people have opinions. I also think that is healthy. It’s also something that people should be allowed to do, but the things we turn

and concentrate on within; we also keep some things to ourselves.

“On the surface, it might appear a little boring if everything isn’t disclosed at the beginning of the process, but the good news is that everyone I’ve spoken to wants to advocate for those things and wants to eliminate performances like the one that was given in San Marino.”

The Tottenham player has been in the headlines lately since it seems like teams like Juventus are interested in signing him in January. Spurs are allegedly asking for about €30 million to complete a deal.


‘Sorry’… Harry Kane apologises to Eric Dier after what he’s just said about him in interview

Harry Kane may have left Tottenham in the summer, but he still has a lot of friends in the Spurs team.

Yes, Kane still has a lot of friends at Tottenham after a solid 10 years there, but he has disregarded one of his teammates on ESPN.

When asked who of his teammates he would least like to travel with on a long-haul flight, Kane responded that Eric Dier wasn’t a good choice since he would typically fall asleep on these lengthy flights and not really chat.

Dier doesn’t make an enjoyable travel companion, according to Kane, who has apologized to his former Spurs teammate for saying such things.

Kane apologises to Dier

Kane spoke about spending time with Dier on one of these long-haul flights.

“Which teammate would you not like to sit next to on a long haul flight?” Kane was asked.

“I’m going to put Eric Dier in there, he just sleeps anywhere, no conversation from him, he’d probably sleep the whole 12 hours or however long the flight is, so, sorry Eric, I need more from you,” Kane said.

Been there, done it

Because he has spent a significant portion of his career with the Spurs defender, Kane will have a greater understanding of Dier than anybody else on these trips.

These two have likely spent many away days together, and it seems that Dier isn’t the friendliest traveler.

Though Dier is regarded as one of Kane’s closest football pals and one of Dele Alli’s closest teammates, it doesn’t seem like the finest travel companion in terms of in-flight entertainment for any of his colleagues.


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