Wallabies awesome: Test rugby isn’t being killed by the Springboks!

Last month the Springboks won the Rugby World Cup for a fourth time in their history, uniting a country and sending South Africa into wild and extensive celebrations.

Nonetheless, the Springboks have been regularly criticized in other regions of the world, with claims that their 7-1 “bomb squad” bench and scrum strength are detrimental to the sport.

Some have criticized players like Rassie Erasmus, saying the group and their playing style are “unlikable.”


In a superb interview with Planet Rugby, Wallabies great David Campese has corrected the record regarding the division of opinion around the Springboks.

“Well, when people assert something like this, it’s quite fascinating. After the World Cup, there was a lot of conjecture and news coverage, particularly in New Zealand, regarding South Africa and whether or not they were ruining international rugby, according to Campese.

“I believe that anyone who has lived in South Africa from 2004 to 2018—as I did—realizes how difficult it has been for South Africans to navigate both social and political challenges.

“Rassie Erasmus had a fascinating background before he was appointed coach. Around 2017 or 2018, he was watching the Springboks when he noticed how miserable the South African fans were.

“It needs to be changed. I don’t like this,” he stated. Our culture and sense of national identity suffer without rugby, which binds our nation together. “The fans are the country, not the team; they are our amazing fans, and they deserve better,” he declared.

Thus, the mental toughness of the Springboks is evident. However, you also witness a group of players who are intimately familiar with the game, united by the Boks’ significance to their sense of national identity and serving as a bridge between an often uneasy country.

“Are they killing rugby? Are they hell! They play the game we all want to play, they have the support and culture many teams kill for and their mental strength and self-belief defines their brands. They are a magnificent team, iconic in stature and their status as world champions is nothing more than their brilliance and fortitude deserves.”

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