Marise and Handre Pollard issue warning to fans

The man who never misses, Handre Pollard, and his wife Marise shared a brief message to their fans on Instagram


The Springboks’ Rugby World Cup final match-winner Handre Pollard and his wife Marise Pollard are not on TikTok.


The pair, who just revealed some pregnancy news on social media, has cautioned their followers not to trust phony accounts.

Marise requested fans to report the fake account after sharing a screenshot of it on Instagram Stories. The soon-to-be mother made it clear that she exclusively uses Instagram with her spouse.

“Report this phony profile, please. All Handre and I have is Instagram. I’m grateful,” she wrote.



The Pollards are having a great year-end celebration. In addition to winning the global rugby championship for a record-breaking fourth time, the couple is also expecting their first child.

A week after the Springboks beat the All Blacks 12–11 at Stade de France on October 28, Marise revealed the pregnancy news. Their little one is expected to arrive in the world in April 2024.

The greatest gift is that they will all be here on April 24. Jesus, thank you for entrusting us with this little life,” Marise posted on Sunday to Instagram.

In 2018, Marise and Handré Pollard exchanged vows.


France coach reflects on losing to Springboks: It left us in mourning

Coach Fabien Galthie claims that following their quarterfinal victory, the Springboks had permanently “scarred” France.

The Springboks eliminated home nation France from the competition with a stunning 29-28 victory in the quarterfinals of what was unquestionably one of the most exciting matches of the Rugby World Cup.

The Springboks’ incredible performance put them on the route to ultimate World Cup success.

However, it was anguish and sadness for France, as coach Fabien Galthie acknowledged, saying it had left a “scar that will stay with us for life.”

“For us, it was a time of mourning,” said Galthie who has not spoken to the press since the night of the loss on 15 October. “It’s a huge disappointment after four years of hard work, four years of successful work with 80 percent

victories and all of those stats.

“Becoming world champions was the only goal we had in mind. No one else existed. If we had lost by one point in the semifinal, our disappointment would have been the same. If we had lost by one point in the championship game, the disappointment would have remained the same.

The week that we would have had extra makes a difference. We’ve been working toward these moments for the past four years, so there’s been a significant difference. Therefore, the disillusionment is profound.



New Zealand’s 12-11 defeat in the final of Men’s Rugby World Cup 2023 cost the All Blacks second place in the World Rugby Men’s Rankings.

With a new rating of 89.80 points, Ian Foster’s team will move up to take the position of Ireland, who started the weekend in third place. The team is expected to lose 1.76 points.

With an enhanced rating of 94.54 points, South Africa maintains its top spot but gains 1.75 points more than before.

England narrowly trails France by two points in the top four, having acquired about the same number of points after their 26-23 victory over Argentina in the bronze final.

With a lower rating of 80.68 points, Argentina will stay in seventh position, just ahead of Wales.

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