Rassie criticizes the ultimate troll of the Springboks once more.

South Africa’s director of rugby, Rassie Erasmus, has slammed the Springboks’ well-known online ‘troll’ for his latest ’embarrassing’ tweets.

Rassie Erasmus Springboks

Springboks’ director of rugby, Rassie Erasmus. Photo: SA Rugby website.

Ben Smith has almost 7,000 followers on the social networking platform X, formerly known as Twitter. However, his interaction is at its highest when he is “throwing shade” at the Springboks, which has become an oddly frequent occurrence.

Ben Smith is well-known to the majority of Bok fans who frequently use Elon Musk’s “X,” in large part because he has used the platform to consistently irritate South Africans.

Smith, a journalist who lives in New Zealand, recently made the argument that “integrity” required a new World Cup victor.

The Springboks subsequently went on to win the global showpiece, but Smith was not deterred, tweeting: “The

reverse-back I reiterate: books are not the best things ever created. They managed to survive one cakewalk and one respectable run thanks to incredible comebacks. In the final, I had a one-man edge and barely crossed the finish line. Many guts and many hearts, yet they know deep down.

“Ben, I don’t know if you are a real person, but surely you must stop embarrassing NZ with your tweets,” Erasmus responded in kind on Friday. Man, come of age and just check to see if you still have that something that will make you appear a little more like a man or a woman. You don’t equal NZ!


As examples, earlier this year, Smith – who is known for having regular digs at the Springboks and the likes of

When Rassie Erasmus said that, if everyone was healthy, only four Bok players would make up a combined Springboks-All Blacks squad, it sparked a heated debate among many South Africans.

However, Smith also sparked a conversation on social media last year when he posed the following query: “Why are South African supporters trembling at the thought of the Boks sweeping NZ 2-0? In statistical terms, this is the weakest AB side in 25 years. Nobody in NZ gives them a rating. I’ve packed up two exams for you to take at home. Preamble of cowardice for the “world champs” and everything.

Ahead of the 2023 World Cup playoffs, the New Zealander – who writes for overseas publications such as RugbyPass – has now hit out at both the All Blacks and Springboks, and noticeably suggested neither would be worthy winners of the World Cup, while also stating “we need integrity back with the world champion tag” as he implied this has been lacking during South Africa’s four year reign.

For those who follow Smith, he has often in the past suggested the Springboks were fortunate to have won the 2019 World Cup after implying the draw favoured them through the playoffs.

If you run through Smith’s current timeline, there are numerous other examples of passive aggressive chirps and digs at the Springboks, which constantly rile up passionate Bok fans.




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