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Alan Shearer thinks former Tottenham Hotspur defender Kieran Trippier is playing ‘the best football of his career’ at Newcastle United.


The 33-year-old joined Newcastle United in the January 2022 transfer window as Eddie Howe’s team was fighting to avoid relegation after being recently acquired by Saudi-led ownership.

Alan Shearer believes Kieran Trippier has been a “game-changer” for the club, as he stated on The Rest Is Football Podcast, despite the fact that he played for an Atlético Madrid squad competing in the Champions League.

Since they had witnessed Kieran Trippier’s brilliance at Tottenham in the past, it goes without saying that the Toon Army followers were ecstatic to secure his abilities.

At Spurs, he was an underrated figure at right-back, including playing a key role in the team consistently finishing in the Champions League and then getting to the final.

Tottenham decided to part ways with the player for £20 million (Guardian) in 2019, and it’s not until now, can they say that they have replaced him.

Either way, those in Newcastle colours are now reaping the rewards of a player who, according to Shearer, is now ‘ absolutely bossing it’.

 Kieran Trippier at Newcastle

Shearer stated, “I haven’t extensively followed his career, but I have always been aware of him. But I believe that the football he is playing right now for Newcastle is the best of his career.

“He changed the game for Newcastle without a doubt. He was such a crucial addition. And Eddie (Howe) naturally realized who he was.Eddie kind of stayed in touch with him after he visited Atletico Madrid to observe them train. He has, however, without a doubt, changed the game for Newcastle.

“He had won La Liga when he came in. It was a bit of a bet on his behalf since there was a real prospect that Newcastle would be relegated. Neither relegation nor clauses in his

“Immediately, his attitude changed other players’ attitudes, for the better. I think his professionalism and everything else. He is absolutely bossing it, at the moment. The fans love him. Defensively, he is nasty and hard to get past. A great leader. And going forward, some of the balls he is whipping into the box, it’s just superb.”

Tottenham shouldn’t have sold Trippier

That was a mistake on the part of Spurs because many things at the club were beginning to change at the time.

Key players were departing, whether due to illness, aging, or simple professional advancement.

However, a number of players, including Serge Aurier and Matt Doherty, who saw their contracts torn up, struggled in that right-back position.

Then it became clear that Spurs may have been better off holding onto Trippier because he would have easily fit into this brand-new Ange Postecoglou squad.

But what is Spurs’, and even Atlético Madrid’s loss, is now Newcastle’s gain.


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