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A lost cause’: Pundit can’t believe what’s happened to ‘hot-headed’ Tottenham player

Jermaine Beckford has praised Cristian Romero and Ange Postecoglou for helping turn around Tottenham Hotspur this season.

Three points for the home team tonight and they will shoot straight back to the top of the Premier League standings going into Tottenham’s Monday night matchup against Fulham.

Given how things were beginning to look a little concerning in the summer when Harry Kane left—Tim Sherwood believed they would win the title with Kane now—it is incredible to imagine that Spurs have been able to demonstrate this type of form so fast.

But Cristian Romero, who Jermaine Beckford felt was a “lost cause,” as he told Premier League Productions (22/10/23 at 9:55 pm), is one of the players responsible for the club’s great start.

The World Cup winner may have had the best experience of his life while representing Argentina last year in Qatar.

But life and his mood were very, very different at Hotspur Way, who declined under Antonio Conte, as well as conceding a stupid amount of goals towards the back end of the season.

Either way, former Premier League striker Jermaine Beckford thinks that the previous ‘hot head’ is now changing.

Cristian Romero transformation

Beckford remarked, “Romero, I honestly thought he was a hopeless cause.

He used to be extremely hot-headed, but he now appears to have gained control. The roles of each person are clear. But they advance and stand together in defense.

I didn’t think Ange Postecoglou would be able to bring that to this side as fast as she did.

Tottenham v Fulham

Spurs supporters were likely the only ones last season who preferred the international break over domestic football because their situation was so dire.

But in the present, they probably loathed how the most recent international break slowed their progress.

In any case, if they win tonight’s London derby against Fulham, they might reclaim first place in the standings.

And if that occurs, they will be two points ahead of the competition, with a game against Crystal Palace that they can win coming up, as well as Mauricio Pochettino returning to his former club.

Chelsea’s form is still indifferent, and if that’s still the case next month, then Spurs can really make matters worse for their former boss.

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