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“It won’t surprise me”- Ange Postecoglou makes bullish claim about Tottenham’s title charge

Ange Postecoglou makes bullish claim about Tottenham Hotspur’s title charge this season


Ange Postecoglou asserted with assurance that he wouldn’t be shocked if Tottenham Hotspur went on to win the championship this year.

According to many, including some Spurs supporters, Tottenham is in the lead in the Premier League after eight games. We are tied with Arsenal on 20 points, although we are ahead on goals scored.

We have yet to lose this season, but we have already encountered a number of circumstances that have demonstrated our capacity to challenge for the crown. Tottenham have acquired this lead through late victories in extra time and victories when playing with one less man.

Ange Postecoglou of Tottenham Hotspur won back to back manager of the month awards in PL.

Postecoglou is the man behind this change in form. Reinvigorating the team and instilling belief so quickly after coming in, and especially after losing Harry Kane, is noteworthy.

The right man for the job

The Australian-Greek manager, meanwhile, says that while others view Spurs with curiosity and surprise, he knows the hard work that is going into these performances. For him, it won’t be a surprise if we win the title come May.

“I still believe we can improve so much more, and that is what I am focusing on. And while it could surprise some people if we end the year as the top contenders, it won’t surprise me as I don’t have any predetermined goals. Wherever we finish is where we finish.

The former Celtic manager always seems to say the appropriate thing. He just seems to be the ideal candidate for the position—someone who actually cares about the Tottenham project, the club, and the fans.

He doesn’t appear to be the type of manager who gives up when success doesn’t arrive right away. He practices offensive, free-flowing football, and it seems to succeed everywhere he goes. Who are we to doubt it, then?

His strategies, remarks, convictions, and training regimen can all support our title claim. Yet he could always use support. Daniel Levy should be content with the job he is producing and prepared to fund a few signings in January.

It makes sense to get a new striker, center back, and possibly a new No. 6, especially if there are injuries. To defeat the opposition we have been set up against, we require all the assistance we can obtain.

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