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Is a worry’: David Seaman has just made a complete U-turn about Tottenham

David Seaman has suddenly changed his mind about Tottenham Hotspur and where they will finish in the Premier League table this season.

Spurs have certainly enjoyed a great start to the season.Tottenham supporters are confident that Ange Postecoglou will help them accomplish something truly unique because of his tremendous results in North London.

David Seaman has changed his mind about Tottenham

David Seaman, a former Arsenal player, was one of many analysts who simply did not think Tottenham would perform as well as they have this season.

Spurs are currently in first place and have not yet suffered a Premier League loss. Yes, they have a very easy schedule of games, but you can only win what is in front of you, and they have done a fantastic job thus far.

As things stand, Tottenham, along with title challengers Arsenal, Manchester City, and Liverpool, are among the favorites to finish in the top four.

Seaman did not include Spurs in his predictions at the beginning of the season. Similar to Gabby Agbonlahor, he has now acknowledged his error.

The fact that Spurs haven’t been Spursy for eight games is concerning, according to the famous Arsenal goalkeeper, who was speaking on the Seaman Says podcast. It simply demonstrates how well things are progressing.

Tottenham have an edge over other clubs

Considering Tottenham as title contenders so early in the season would be absurd, but based on what we’ve seen so far, can you really rule them out?

Yes, the term “Spursy” will be used whenever there is discussion about this, but unlike Arsenal, Manchester City, and Liverpool, Tottenham does not compete in European football.

For Postecoglou, there is only the Premier League and the FA Cup to concentrate on; hence, they will typically only play one game every week.

Stranger things have happened in this league than Spurs going on to do something exceptional, so it is a significant advantage to have over other clubs.

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