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Defender shares what’s amazed him about ‘unique’ £22m Tottenham player


Kevin Wimmer has described Son Heung-min as unique, suggesting that it is amazing how the Tottenham Hotspur captain has remained the same person despite his continued success for the club.


When the pair arrived at White Hart Lane in the 2015 summer transfer window, Wimmer spoke candidly to The Athletic about how they quickly become close.

Unquestionably, Son Heung-min is one of the most well-liked football players in the world. In addition to being an incredibly gifted player who currently leads Spurs, he is also one of those athletes who cannot conceal the joy with which he plays.

Son has not always had it simple at Tottenham. After moving for $22 million, he had difficulty. Additionally, there was a moment when the Spurs supporters probably would not have been shocked if he had departed.

Kevin Wimmer opens up on friendship with Son Heung-min

Son, however, rose from the Tottenham team’s perimeter to perhaps their most crucial player. He is now the skipper, of course.

But off the field, he doesn’t seem to have changed at all.Speaking German helped the two of them get along at first, according to Kevin Wimmer. And despite Son’s extraordinary success in North London, they have remained close ever since.

It was advantageous for him to have a language-compatible partner. His English wasn’t great at first, either, and we did a lot of things together. After training, we would go out to dinner or explore the city together, he said, according to The Athletic.

“After I departed, he remained the same. Every season, he improved further, but his mindset remained the same. He never changed; he was always the same. That is why we remain in contact. It’s unusual to have a character like this at his level. He truly is among the greatest.

Spurs captain is the perfect representative for the club

Son is a fantastic ambassador for Tottenham. He is undoubtedly a terrific footballer with the potential to rank among the team’s all-time greatest players.

But the 31-year-old is rarely the subject of drama. You never hear anything bad about his life off the field, for sure.

Being told that Wimmer still sees the same person he first saw almost ten years ago is fantastic.

He certainly serves as an excellent role model for athletes hoping to succeed in the Premier League.

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