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Ange Postecoglou’s team talks are so inspirational that you ‘want to run through a bowl of spaghetti’, says Australia star

That’s according to Australia player Jackson Irvine, who starred for the Spurs boss while he was at the Socceroos and has praised Postecoglou’s rhetorical gifts.

Spurs are now leading the Premier League, and Postecoglou has won significant praise for his ability to connect with both players and supporters.

Irvine, a player for the second-tier bohemian club FC St. Pauli in Germany, admitted that he even started his Australia team meetings early due to the fact that they might cause players to be suspended.

“He used to do his team talks about three hours before the game, before we had even done the pre-match,” Irvine told talkSPORT.

Ange Postecoglou's team talks are so stimulating that players 'want to run through a bowl of spaghetti and stick their head in it' for him, said Jackson Irvine

‘Because, honestly, you get so emotional and so hyped up that you want to run through a bowl of spaghetti and stick your head in it.

‘He would have you so hyped, I think it would have been unsafe to send us directly onto the pitch after one of his talks. We’d have been sent off after about 10 seconds!’

The 58-year-old joined Spurs with a reputation for oratory skills when a video of him addressing his Australian players on social media went viral.

In a 2015 video made prior to their World Cup qualifying match against Kyrgyzstan, he said: “Think about that person in your life. It could be your mother or father, brother or sister, or coach.”That person was the one who had the greatest amount of faith in you.

“The opposition will also be looking at the people who made you when you go out to play.” Without the love and belief of that individual, you wouldn’t be where you are now.

His remarks are so well-liked that Australia invited him back to motivate their players before a recent exhibition match against England at Wembley.

‘[It’s] the impact you can have for future generations,’ he told the athletes. You have an impression when you play in a venue like that; it’s not just for you.

“There will be a little boy or little girl who will see that and think, “One day, that’ll be me.””

Postecoglou amassed a plethora of victories throughout the world and rose to fame with Celtic, where he won five trophies, including two Scottish Premierships.

Postecoglou is the first manager to ever win both of the first two awards available to him, and Spurs are presently leading the Premier League. Postecoglou has now won Manager of the Month twice.

The identity of the team, according to Irvine, was simply the conviction that we were capable of competing with teams at the greatest level.He has carried that with him wherever he goes. His communication style is quite elegant.

What are the chances that James Maddison will have spaghetti on his face when Tottenham plays Fulham in their upcoming game?

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