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Tottenham have a ‘secret weapon’ that could give Ange Postecoglou perfect plan B

Alejo Veliz outperformed his Tottenham Hotspur counterparts in the air last season

VAR was the center of attention when Tottenham Hotspur stabbed a dagger into Liverpool’s hearts last month.

Joel Matip’s own goal sent North London into raptures after a grueling eight minutes of stoppage time. In the press conferences that followed, Jurgen Klopp lost his cool and demanded that the game be replayed after Luis Diaz’s first-half goal was incorrectly overturned.


Alejo Veliz, a summer signing for Spurs, made his club debuts among the turmoil. a late-game cameo

never going to alter the course of history, but it did give supporters a chance to see their $13 million man.

Veliz is made of a different material than graceful South American forwards like Luis Suarez and Sergio Aguero, who have wowed the Premier League with their skill and finesse. Adrian Dezotti, his previous coach at Rosario Central, provided some insight into the 20-year-old’s qualities.

“Alejo is really intelligent but also very cunning, mischievous,” he said to The Athletic. He is quite cunning and has several tricks in his sleeve. He is a quick thinker and a strategist. When we finished third in the league that year, I can only think of one game, a really challenging road game against Lanus.

“When one of their strikers made a solo break, we were up 2-1. He left our defenders behind as he sprinted from half way and appeared certain to score. Alejo whistled next, pretending to be the referee who had stopped the match. One of our center backs stole the ball when the striker halted.

“Their coach lost it and yelled at the official. They missed the goal, and we prevailed 3-2 in the end. That demonstrated how he had a roguish, comedic side and how intently he was watching the match.

“He wasn’t even close to the action, yet he contributed in some way to help us win a challenging game. It was a daring step. The Lanus coach wanted to kill him.

Veliz might provide Ange Postecoglou with the perfect Premier League backup plan. Plan A has so far been a great success, with Tottenham defying the doubters to hold the league’s top spot.

However, if they feel the need for a change of course, who better to turn to than a bullish, Argentine target man? Players like Diego Costa and Aleksandar Mitrovic have developed ferocious reputations in recent years, when strong strikers are a dying breed.

loved by their own followers, hated by everyone else. And at Tottenham, Veliz may become just that.

It is undeniable that he approaches the game differently from his fellow Spurs strikers. Last season, the Argentine under-20 international won 58% of his aerial contests. Richarlison (38%) Brennan Johnson (33.3%), and Heung-min Son (24.3%), as talented as they are, weren’t even close to being as skilled in the air.

Further implying that Veliz cannot be matched by anyone else in the division, his former coach went one step further. I watch a lot of English football, and Alejo has the best aerial game in the Premier League, according to Dezotti. It’s amazing.

“You’ll see (how talented Veliz is).” He has a strong header on him and jumps well. What attracted my attention was that aerial game.

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