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Pundit slates Tottenham star for ‘ridiculous and worthless’ mistake


Tottenham Hotspur defender Micky van de Ven has been criticised by ESPN pundit Hans Kraay for a mistake in the Netherlands’ latest outing.

The Spurs player has played flawlessly for Ange Postecoglou’s team since coming this summer.

Additionally, during the present break, Van de Ven made his Oranje debut.

The new Tottenham addition made his debut last week against France before making a second appearance on Monday night against Greece.

Van de Ven didn’t play in his typical center-back position, though. Instead, he took Quilindschy Hartman’s placeas left-back.

The Spurs star conceded cheaply against the Euro 2004 champions late in the game.

Greece had the chance to seize the lead as a result of the breakaway that resulted from this, but they didn’t take advantage of it.

In the end, the Netherlands triumphed, thanks to Virgil van Dijk’s injury-time penalty.

But despite Van de Ven’s error not proving costly, Kraay was still not impressed with what he saw from the Tottenham man.

He stressed that the Spurs player should remain at centre-back, as he has been doing so well in that position at Tottenham.

“Really a ridiculous and worthless ball. How can you make it up?” Kraay said, as per Voetbal Primeur.

“This is a really ridiculous ball at every football level in the Netherlands, including the lowest of the low. Chip it on the striker or give it to Tijjani Reijnders in front of you, but this…

“At FC Volendam in the Kitchen Champion Division he also started at left back and he did that very well, but he is much better in the middle.

“He also plays for Tottenham, and they really run away with him there.”

Our view

Even the best players can and will make mistakes, particularly when playing in an unfamiliar position.

The criticism sent Van de Ven’s way certainly seems a little harsh.

He wasn’t in his natural position, it didn’t cost his team the game, he’s been doing well for the most part, and is young.

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