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Tim Sherwood performs u-turn on Spurs player he previously called ‘so bad’

Former Tottenham Hotspur manager Tim Sherwood has praised Pedro Porro’s performances this season under Ange Postecoglou having previously criticised the Spaniard.

Just a few weeks after joining the North Londoners from Sporting Lisbon in the January transfer window, Sherwood delivered a blunt assessment of Porro. The 54-year-old criticised Porro’s performance in his maiden Premier League start in the 4-1 loss at Leicester City.

“I don’t want to keep picking on the kid, but he needs to be relieved of his duties at the moment,” he said in a statement to Sky Sports.

“Piero Porro is so terrible it’s unbelievable, but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt since it’s his debut.”

He is being destroyed along the left side by Barnes and Madison because of his terrible placement.

He hasn’t even noticed him; he merely ran inside him when the ball was played into his hands.

The Spanish international’s dismissal of the allegations following Sherwood’s remarks in March when he remarked Sherwood wouldn’t be the first person “who had to then shut his mouth” provoked a response from the Englishman.

According to Porro, “It doesn’t really irritate me,”

“You know, people will have their opinion, they’re going to say you played badly, that you’re no good or whatever. You try not to even notice, but it’s impossible. There’s always someone saying: ‘Did you see this?’
“You read what’s said about a player who has been at the club two days – two days – and that hits you because you think: ‘I’ve just got here’.
“I’m not a machine that goes like this and that’s it, I know everyone, I’m integrated. I really hope he keeps saying bad things about me that will make me stronger. But it’s true that it made an impression because I had been at a big club for so little time.

“If you give me free rein in a prison, I’ll take over the facility. But it’s difficult since it was only a week and I had never played a minute for City or in England before.

“I start against Leicester in a few days. What would you like? For me to make five points and remove 70 balls? A horrible day may happen to anyone. I just keep going from there—take English classes, fit in, adjust.

“I’ve never met him. I have no idea what caused him to say. People spread the word that he had said unfavorable things about me. He won’t be the first, though, to have to restrain himself.

Tim Sherwood praises Pedro Porro’s current form

Porro has been able to advance and not first be focused on defending, as was required of him under former coach Antonio Conte, thanks to Postecoglou’s tactical formation, which makes use of inverted wingers.

Porro was singled out by Sherwood as having significantly improved this season. He said to Sky Sports: “Dare I say it? Pedro Porro accomplished a lot.

“Do you understand why I wasn’t his biggest fan? Because he was defending all by himself while playing in a right-back position and remaining there, according to Sherwood. It isn’t what he excels at.

He excels at taking the initiative, moving forward and arriving at the appropriate moment. He is forceful and successfully recovers the ball.

Since the Brentford tie, Porro has moved ahead of Emerson Royal in Ange Postecoglou’s pecking order. Porro began the season on the bench behind the Brazilian.

His delivery into the box for Liverpool’s own goal is just one of the most recent examples of how he has contributed when Spurs have the ball in the opposition’s half. There is no question that this is one of his game’s strengths.

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