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Tottenham in feisty four-way battle to sign unstoppable striker, as talks begin and price tag doubles

Tottenham are battling top tier competition in the form of Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund and Inter Milan for a lethal striker whose price tag has doubled, according to a report.

Apart from Ange Postecoglou’s performance, the great concern at Spurs this season was how much Harry Kane would be missed.

The answer is not very much, based on the available evidence. However, there is no doubt that Tottenham’s early-season exploits would have been much more impressive with a reliable finisher up front.

Richarlison has been more guilty than most of blowing excellent opportunities. Son Heung-min has taken over as the center forward as a result, but Postecoglou is now short on reliable options for the flanks.

Tottenham delayed signing a straight replacement for Kane in favor of spending a substantial portion of their revenues on Brennan Johnson, another winger.

In the long run, nevertheless, a new No. 9 is anticipated to be signed. Santiago Gimenez, a star player for Feyenoord and Mexico, is reportedly one of the players the club is keeping an eye on.

The 22-year-old has had an outstanding start to the season, scoring an incredible 12 goals in nine games for Feyenoord.

A recent Italian source (reported by Spurs Web) claims Inter, Real, and Dortmund are among the clubs interested in signing the left-footer.

As the fourth team ‘bewitched’ by Gimenez’s performance this year, Tottenham is also named. Of the four, Inter is reportedly the first to begin negotiations.

Inter take the lead, but spiralling price tag could benefit Spurs

The Serie A powerhouse allegedly had preliminary talks with the player’s representatives to determine the viability of a 2024 transfer.

The article emphasizes that Feyenoord will never consider a mid-season sale on that front. Instead, a shift is thought to be much more likely for next summer.

Regarding price, it is alleged that Lazio received an estimate of €25 million (or roughly £21.7 million) when they made their own inquiry “last year.”

However, as a result of Gimenez’s outstanding goal-scoring performances since then, Feyenoord’s current asking price has risen to €50 million (about £43.6 million).

Additionally, the article states that if Gimenez keeps up his fantastic goal-scoring ability throughout the season, his worth ‘may climb further’.

Spurs may ultimately benefit from a higher asking price because Inter and Dortmund are unlikely to be able to pay a top dollar amount.

Real Madrid, who may have their eyes on Kylian Mbappe’s free agent coup, cannot say the same.

Gimenez to Tottenham in the upcoming summer surely seems like one to watch.

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