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Tottenham submit enquiry for 18-year-old Barcelona target

Tottenham and Arsenal Hotspur are hoping to sign Belgian midfielder Arthur Vermeeren, a target for Barcelona.


According to a report from 90min, Arthur Vermeeren has received interest from Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. The La Liga winners Barcelona are also interested in the 18-year-old midfielder.

The fact that Arsenal, Tottenham, and Barcelona are interested in the Belgian wonderkid is not surprising given how important he has been for Royal Antwerp. He might end up being a good long-term investment for all three teams.

Arsenal and Tottenham have already bought a number of intriguing players in recent transfer windows as they attempt to assemble formidable squads for the future. Both teams have performed admirably in the Premier League this season, and they are now in the top two positions.

Vermeeren most certainly fits the bill as they will be looking to sign the greatest young players who can aid them with significant championships. With the correct coaching, the 18-year-old is predicted to quickly become a player of the highest caliber; he has already been nominated for the Golden Boy 2023 award.

In the upcoming seasons, Arsenal would be quite dependent on the Belgian midfielder. The Belgian has emerged as a potential replacement for the Italian international Jorginho. In terms of Tottenham, Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg is probably going to be fired. Additionally, the midfielder for Royal Antwerp could start playing.

The 18-year-old might not be ready for regular Premier League action. But he is certainly good enough to make the step up and establish himself as a key player for the two London clubs in the near future.

Barcelona has selected the 18-year-old as a target in their search to bolster the caliber of their midfield. They are having financial issues, too, so it might be challenging for them to compete with the other two Premier League clubs.

When the transfer window opens in January, it will be intriguing to watch if Arsenal and Tottenham take their initial interest in the midfielder and turn it into a formal offer to acquire him.The player’s career will take an interesting turn, and he might be persuaded to transfer to the Premier League.

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