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‘It is inevitable’ player will leave Tottenham – Fans told to ‘bow to him’ for likely sacrifices

On September 20th, Tottenham Hotspur confirmed Ivan Perišić had suffered a serious knee injury. The winger has gone under the knife and Croatia doctor Saša Janković revealed the surgery “went well”.

Although the 34-year-old will be sidelined for several months, Hajduk Split has continued to be associated with him.

Perii spent six years in the Hajduk Split academy, and according to 24 Sata, his departure from Tottenham to join them is “inevitable.”

It’s unclear whether the former Inter Milan player would join Spurs in January or next summer. His current contract at Spurs expires in 2024.

Currently, a move after this season is likely because Perii is recovering from an injury and can keep earning his rumored £9.3 million annual wage from Spurs.

According to reports, if the attacker went back to his old team, he might only get 10% of his current pay.

The source notes that although the Tottenham star is still capable of landing lucrative contracts elsewhere, he is intent on going back to Hajduk Split.

Therefore, according to 24 Sata, Hajduk Split’s fans must “bow to him” for the financial cost of his decision to join their team.


Harry Kane reveals true feelings on Tottenham topping Premier League after summer exit

The England captain left Spurs for Bayern Munich in the summer but his former club have enjoyed an excellent start to the campaign under their new manager

Harry Kane, the captain of England, says he will always be a supporter of Tottenham and is happy to see them at the top of the league.


In order to pursue his fervent desire to win championships, Kane moved from Tottenham to Bayern Munich in the summer for a fee of £100 million. Kane, a striker for Bayern Munich, expressed his love for Germany while expressing his loyalty to Spurs and his admiration for coach Ange Postecoglou.

“It’s great to see,” Kane added. The manager is doing a terrific job for them with the manner they are playing, as I believe I’ve said before. After the previous several years, the supporters are solidly behind the squad, and it’s just what they needed.

“Spurs and the Premier League are two things I’ll never ignore. There is still a long way to go, but as the manager noted, there is no reason why the supporters shouldn’t be enthusiastic and pleased with how things are progressing. I’m hoping they can go on.

“I have been open about my support for Tottenham throughout my career, and I hope they succeed. Tottenham is the only team in the Premier League that I would like to win.

Additionally, I must respect Bayern Munich. There is no doubt in the fans’ minds that I will always have a warm place for Spurs, but I must focus solely on Bayern Munich in order to lead my team to the greatest degree of success.

“Therefore, I am certain that there will be inquiries, especially when Tottenham is performing well. Of course, I wish them the best of luck, but right now, my focus is on trying to do well for Bayern where I am.

Kane has had a strong start in Munich, but he claims that his German classes, which have only lasted four sessions, are moving slowly. Nevertheless, he has enjoyed some Oktoberfest festivities while learning German.

In general, he continued, “I would have taken it if you had told me before the transfer this is what I’d be on, the number of goals and assists and victories, so absolutely satisfied with that.

Many of the procedures are the same for most football teams. I’ve never been a part of small things like Champions League evenings, away nights, after the game we have a huge supper with the sponsors, and things like that.

“Obviously, winning is nice, but I can imagine losing is very painful. That supper would be a little harsh if we lost, which is why Bayern has probably won 30 or so games in the group stage.

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