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‘Better than good’: Rio Ferdinand says he absolutely loves Tottenham youngster who could go to the top

Rio Ferdinand has lauded Micky van de Ven after Tottenham Hotspur went top of the Premier League, with the pundit claiming that the defender has the potential to go to the very top.


Ferdinand made these comments on his YouTube page after the Dutchman’s lone goal gave Spurs a tense victory at Luton Town on Saturday.

Before joining Tottenham in the summer, Micky van de Ven definitely wasn’t well-known. Therefore, pairing him alongside Cristian Romero would have seemed risky, especially following the Argentine’s dismal performance the previous season.

However, the decision has turned out to be brilliant. A revelation for Ange Postecoglou’s team has been Van de Ven. And there appears to be a lot of potential in his collaboration with Romero.

Rio Ferdinand excited by Micky van de Ven

Speaking to talkSPORT, Tony Cascarino suggested that he had been surprised by van de Ven. And it seems that Rio Ferdinand has also been caught off-guard by how good the 22-year-old has been.

Following Tottenham’s victory over the weekend, Ferdinand wanted to single out the young player for appreciation. He also implied that he now had big expectations for the future.

“The goalscorer, Micky van de Ven, better than good,” he said on his YouTube account. “He has a chance to be the best. He is aggressive and swift. He’s seeking a foot race. He is forceful and quick. A second partnership also appears to be flourishing. Despite having only eight games, it is growing.

“Romero, he’s almost settled down. Romero last year was a complete loose cannon. They are both currently playing at a very high level because he has soothed him.

“Let’s see what happens. However, for a young center-back, he has adapted to the Premier League so quickly and doesn’t mind a little rough play because he experienced it at the weekend and handled it. He plays cleanly as well, though. He’s a center-back to watch out for, in my opinion.

Spurs’ most creative acquisition this summer
Early indications indicate that Tottenham made few mistakes during the transfer window. The impact of every signing who has played frequently has been quite stunning.

The most impressive has undoubtedly been van de Ven. James Maddison has undoubtedly excelled. But following a stellar run at Leicester City, everyone was aware of his potential.

Given that practically none of the back five had ever played together prior to this season, the center-back has excelled.

There are still many people who doubt Tottenham. They are playing a style of football that will require them to take significant risks. Additionally, those risks will occasionally backfire.

However, they may all be extremely confident given how the season has started off for them. Tottenham also seem to have found a true gem in van de Ven.

Rio Ferdinand believes in him and thinks he has a very bright future, which says something.


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