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Levy eyes ‘bombshell’ signing for Tottenham – Spurs deal would shake the market, and maybe reality too

Tottenham are ‘willing to explore’ a possible move for Victor Osimhen if he decides to leave Napoli following the TikTok video incident.

According to Fichajes, Spurs had viewed Osimhen as a backup plan to Ivan Toney but are now open to considering a €120 million deal.

According to them, Tottenham is still scouring the market and looking for players to boost their team, especially at center striker, where a void has been left since Harry Kane left.

Toney is #1 on the list, but it would be difficult to sign him, therefore they have also ‘considered’ Osimhen as a possibility.

He used to be regarded as “non-transferable” at Napoli, but that has changed with the most recent “scandal” involving a TikTok video created by the Italian team that made fun of him.

Because of this, it has been suggested that Osimhen is now “interested in leaving” the team, which has attracted Tottenham’s attention.

Despite the fact that Tottenham’s current valuation of the striker is €120 million, they are “willing to explore negotiation possibilities.”However, those discussions would only take place if a deal for Toney is totally impractical.

Osimhen is only one of the players being considered by Spurs as they ‘keep their options open’ in their search for a striker.

But we’ll treat the report with a grain of salt. First and foremost due to the source, and secondly because it seems quite improbable that Tottenham would ever shell out such a money for a player.

Even though the story claimed it would be his ‘bombshell’ signing, Daniel Levy just doesn’t operate that way, especially after several of their high-profile acquisitions have faltered.

Furthermore, it’s questionable whether Osimhen would even be valued at that level given that Aurelio de Laurentiis allegedly rejected similar bids from Saudi Arabia this summer and gave them a figure far greater than that.

Therefore, large handfuls of salt, but something to maybe watch for if the uproar over the famed TikTok video doesn’t abate.


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