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Alejo Veliz has posted ‘we continue’ on his Instagram story from Tottenham Hotspur training.


The 20-year-old earned his Tottenham debut last Saturday, albeit it may have been overlooked in the VAR and ‘offside’ goal controversy against Liverpool.

In the last seconds of the game, Ange Postecoglou introduced his summer acquisition, and he celebrated by receiving a yellow card.

Tim Vickery, an authority in South American football, provided a profile of Alejo Veliz before the midfielder joined Spurs.

It was unclear whether the powerful striker would be loaned back because he was acquired from Rosario Central in Argentina.

However, Spurs made it obvious that they intended to deploy the highly regarded forward, who can anticipate playing more minutes on the field in the upcoming months. On Wednesday, he captioned a photo of a player in training for their match against Luton Town with the phrase “We continue.”

Tottenham still unbeaten

The Tottenham-Liverpool game has received a lot of attention, and one Jurgen Klopp even called for a rerun.

Spurs supporters will likely be bored of it all and want to focus more on the fact that they are still undefeated.

The impressive thing of them isn’t just that they are unbeaten; it’s also how they have been going about it all.


‘The gamble was too big’ – Tottenham walked away from €30m signing, and may be proven right

Gift Orban’s current form suggests that Tottenham’s decision to back out of a €30 million deal for him may have been the right one.

Het Laatste Nieuws had an article today on the player and his “serious slump” at the start of the season.

They clarify that although the athlete is still himself, outgoing, and cheerful, his on-field performances have declined from previous season.

His most recent goal was scored on August 20th, which feels like an eternity for a striker who was a “sensation” previous season and scored frequently.’Things have gone terribly wrong’ this year.


A player who was heavily linked to a move elsewhere throughout the summer—particularly Tottenham—has experienced a significant decline in performance.

They ultimately decided against going through with a move because they felt “the gamble was too big” at the moment and they wanted to see more of the striker since they thought he still needed to prove himself at a higher level.

They are currently observing him “with suspicion,” analyzing how he operates in the present circumstance and how, if at all, he emerges from it.

Tottenham now appears to have made the right choice in refusing to comply with the demands and walk away, despite the necessity to find a replacement for Harry Kane.

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