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‘Real threat’: David Seaman thinks £39m Tottenham man is impossible for defenders to read

David Seaman has been very impressed with Tottenham Hotspur defender Pedro Porro after his performance against Liverpool.


Speaking on the Seaman Says Podcast, Seaman discussed the Spaniard’s outstanding performance on Saturday.

In the waning moments of Saturday’s game, Tottenham threw all it had at Liverpool after Liverpool was reduced to nine men.

It meant that Jurgen Klopp’s team gave up on trying to score a winning goal and sat every player behind the ball.

They played tight defense, preventing any passes across the middle of the field from being made by Spurs.

By the time James Maddison left the field, Tottenham had lost their strongest weapon for breaking down a resolute defense.

But in the waning seconds, Pedro Porro emerged with a cunning low cross from the right side.

Despite handling everything that day so expertly, Joel Matip still managed to leather the ball past his own goalkeeper.

Porro was great for Tottenham, according to Seaman, especially in the offensive zones.

The £39 million man has been working incredibly hard behind the scenes to get better, and it’s already paying off.

Seaman impressed with Tottenham defender Porro

“Yes, he definitely has that,” Seaman stated in reference to the 24-year-old. When he moves ahead, you never know what he’s going to do, but he will track back and aid his defense.

“If you want to call it that, I think his element of surprise is what gives him all that extra confidence.

“Defendants don’t know what he’s going to do; they are uncertain as to whether he will cut inside or go outside.

He poses a serious threat.

Tottenham acquired Porro to serve as an offensive wing-back, and as Seaman claims, defenders are unsure of how to handle him.

Dejan Kulusevski tends to cut inside, whereas Porro can stick on the wing, making him the ideal counterbalance.

Under Postecoglou, he has displayed excellent mentality, and this season, he seems to have defeated Emerson Royal in competition.

Although his game-winning cross has received a lot of attention, he was also outstanding when Spurs were on defense.

In the second half, Porro stopped a run by Mohamed Salah, and Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg was applauded from the sidelines as he did so.


‘Am I mad’: Graham Roberts can’t believe what he’s hearing on Sky on Tottenham VAR drama now

The VAR controversy between Tottenham and Liverpool appears to never end!

The Luis Diaz goal that wouldn’t stop making headlines on Tuesday is still making news, and neither Liverpool nor the media are likely to stop until they get satisfactory answers. In the midst of the controversy, the player himself issued a two-word Instagram message.

Graham Roberts, a former player for Tottenham, turned on Sky Sports but couldn’t believe what he was hearing since it seemed like some were suggesting that the weekend match should be “replayed.”

Graham Roberts is now tearing out his hair about it, asking on Twitter, “Am I going crazy?” while pleading with all parties concerned to “move on.”

Well, it should be very clear that Liverpool won’t be doing that because they want explanations, first and foremost in the form of the public release of the VAR tapes of the Luis Diaz decision.

However, much has been made about this issue in the interim, and you may even expect it to make an appearance this weekend.

Tottenham-Liverpool replay?

“I’ve been listening to Sky Sports News, am I going mad,” said Roberts. “Yes, the refs mucked up on Saturday, re the goal.

“The sending-offs were right. Now they (are) saying we should replay the match JOKE. Should Man Utd v Wolves get replayed when Wolves didn’t get a penalty? Everybody needs to move on.”

A replay would never happen

Anyone who suggests that a rerun is likely is completely insane since that would only start a whole other can of worms.

Then, every team throughout the nation would speak up and request that specific games be replayed. Everyone has been in the situation that Liverpool is currently in.

Until the dialogue between those in the VAR hotseat and the on-field referee is made public, this fallout will just keep happening.

In this way, viewers can decide for themselves how everything turned out.

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