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‘I’ll tell you’: Pundit says Tottenham now have an ‘incredible’ player who he now absolutely adores

Michael Bridges, a pundit, has acknowledged his undying love for James Maddison of Tottenham Hotspur.


Because of his wide range of passing, Bridges, a 26-year-old midfielder, likened the player to a superhero while speaking on the Optus Sport Football Podcast.

The opportunity James Maddison has given the Tottenham team is difficult to overstate.

In the last few months of his tenure at the club, Antonio Conte’s team played sluggishly, with games being decided regardless of his strategies.

Unless Harry Kane saved them, Spurs weren’t going to win very frequently.

Michael Bridges thinks James Maddison is largely to blame for the fact that Tottenham now appear to be a completely different team.

His range of passing is exquisite, with other members of the squad actively trying to reach the same level as him.

But he’s also an expert dribbler and leader on the pitch, right now there’s little Maddison can’t do in a Spurs shirt.

Bridges raves about Tottenham star Maddison

Bridges stated to Mark Schwarzer about the England international, “[Mark] Schwarzer, I’ll tell you who I’m going to get carried away with, it’s [James] Madison.

“I adore him so much. After much speculation that he will join Newcastle United, Ange [Postecoglou] has discovered him at Tottenham Hotspur.

He is important because he is the kind of player, I mean, some of the passes this guy sees, the vision, it’s fantastic, he’s like an X-Man.

“Maddison has it all. He can play the way Ange loves to play, as you’ve seen him for many, many years with penetrating passes behind the back four, slanted passes, or dinked balls.

“And I believe what we’ve seen with James Maddison since he went there is that, when they’re playing out, he can also do it in the defensive third.

He is physically fit and has the energy to play both at the front of the field and at the back, picking up the ball.

Many Tottenham supporters will concur with Bridges that Maddison currently appears to be the real deal.

The lack of depth in crucial parts of the squad for Tottenham is currently one of their main problems.

Giovani Lo Celso hasn’t played much this year, but he seems like Maddison’s most obvious backup should he get hurt or need a break.

Although the Argentinian is a decent player, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the standard of football Spurs played dropped off if he was ever unavailable.

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