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North London Derby: Steve Sidwell’s Preview

Steve Sidwell says he can already see £45m Spurs player winding up Arsenal fans on Sunday

The match between Arsenal and Tottenham on Sunday at the Emirates is sure to be a gritty one.

Both sides entered this match with a perfect record in the Premier League, and neither would settle for anything less than to inflict the other with their first loss of the year.

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The atmosphere on the field and in the seats will be heated on Sunday, and according to Steve Sidwell of the Peter Crouch Podcast, one player in particular has the potential to ignite the flames this weekend.
In fact, James Maddison, who cost £45 million, will be fully motivated during this match, according to Sidwell, who claims that he can already picture the player rile up the Arsenal faithful after scoring a crucial goal for Tottenham.

Maddison could wind the fans up

Sidwell made a prediction about the weekend’s starting midfielder.

“When you look at Maddison, he appears to be eager to score in this match at the Emirates. Imagine him now simply walking up to the home crowd after scoring. I’m torn, so I’m going to go for a draw,” Sidwell remarked.

We have to agree with Sidwell that we can definitely see Maddison attempting a prank like this, despite the fact that it is not a good idea to rile up the opposing fans during a game like this.

Steve Sidwell says he already see £45 million Spurs player amused Arsenal fans on Sunday.

To put it mildly, Maddison has never been a timid player, and if he has the chance to further inflict pain on the Arsenal supporters this weekend, he will take it.

It is unknown if Maddison will have this chance, but if she does, don’t be surprised if the England international excels in the part of the pantomime villain this weekend. We’d really love to see Maddison on Sunday.

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