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‘Very good’: Manor Solomon says he would absolutely hate to play against £42m Tottenham player

The Tottenham way is about building a team that is easy on the eye and exciting to watch, but, for some reason, Spurs always do seem to have a real aggressor in their team.

All the way back to Edgar Davids in the centre of the park, from Erik Lamela to Victor Wanyama.

Cristian Romero is the ultra-aggressive, tackle-loving player that Spurs always seem to have on their team.

Manor Solomon confessed on Tottenham’s YouTube page that he would abhor to play against Romero owing to the Argentine’s talent and the fact that he is usually tough in a battle. Romero is as tenacious as they come at center-back.

Solomon wouldn’t like to play against Romero

The winger discussed his £42 million colleague.

Which teammate in a football game would you prefer not to face off against one-on-one? Solomon was questioned

“Perhaps Cuti. Because he either grabs the ball or your legs, he is cute. Cuti is a really good defender, so it’s best to avoid him, Solomon added.


Playing against Cristian Romero is the most dreaded challenge we can imagine in the Premier League.

The defender is not only an outstanding game reader, but also incredibly aggressive.

Even if you occasionally manage to defeat him, you won’t be leaving that fight with a smile on your face. As an alternative, you depart with injured ankles and an ice pack.

Romero is a complete nightmare to play against, but Solomon and company are lucky that he is a teammate rather than an opponent.



Al Ittihad signs this summer Jota might try to get out of his contract given the rumors of a possible transfer to Tottenham Hotspur.

Just months after leaving Celtic to move to Saudi Arabia, Jota is preparing his exit strategy from Al Ittihad.

Apparently, Jota is considering leaving Al Ittihad, according to writer Rudy Galetti.

Jota was acquired by Al Ittihad for £25 million from Celtic as part of the summer spending binge in Saudi Arabia.

Though the trade immediately went south after Jota made an early appearance for Nuno Espirito Santo, there have been rumors of a speedy departure from the Middle East.

Jota seeking route out of Al Ittihad

According to the most recent Galetti report, Al Ittihad will not include Jota on their squad list until the winter transfer window.

Jota is left wondering why this incredibly strange turn of events occurred.

The transfer windows in Europe have officially closed, leaving Jota seemingly trapped.

According to reports, Jota is debating whether to attempt to pressure Nuno into changing his decision or to try and have his contract terminated.

The inability to play games would result from becoming a free agent; he would have to wait until January to sign with a new team.

Jota’s time in Saudi Arabia turning into a nightmare, it may be preferable for him to train and prepare with a different club.

Tottenham may look into Jota move

If Jota were to become a free agent, you have to assume that a lot of teams would be interested in signing him, and Tottenham may very well be one of them.

Tottenham were aware of Jota’s availability, according to a 90Min report from the end of August. This opened the door for a loan move to North London with a late switch being taken into consideration.


The plan was for Jota to work with Ange Postecoglou again at Tottenham; the Australian admired Jota at Celtic and referred to him as a “special player” during their time together.Ivan Perisic appears to be out for the remainder of the season, which spurred Tottenham to sign Brennan Johnson as a replacement.With Postecoglou undoubtedly keeping a careful eye on the issue, that may let Jota in.


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