David Moyes plays down Mohammed Kudus hype after West Ham United’s 3-1 Europa League win

David Moyes spoke to reporters about Mohammed Kudus after West Ham United beat Backa Topola 3-1 in the Europa League last night.

Mohammed Kudus was unfortunate not to have two goals after our equalizer was determined to be an own goal for West Ham in the Europa League opening.

David Moyes, the manager of the Hammers, recently acknowledged that Kudus needs more time to adjust to life in England.

Unsurprisingly, he was questioned about the performance of the Ghanaian international when he spoke to the media after the game.

Last night, Kudus was a continuous threat for us, and even if he’s still getting used to the group, it’s obvious that we have a real player on our hands.

Moyes played it cool yet again though when speaking to the media about the 23-year-old…

David Moyes plays down Mohammed Kudus hype after West Ham win 3-1 in the Europa League

The Hammers fans are hugely excited about the Ghanaian attacking midfielder, and we want to see him start week in, week out for the club now.

But as reported by WHUFC.com, while he was speaking to media last night, Moyes moderated the hopes for Kudus:

“I thought the team played well in the first 20 minutes, and Mo got the game off to a great start. I’ve heard that despite his decline, he still managed to score one or possibly two goals, so I’m incredibly happy for him. He’s off to a good start, we like him a lot, and we’ll move ahead of him when we have the chance and the perfect circumstances. I’m happy since he came up with the goals for tonight when we needed someone to.

Moyes is known for integrating new players gradually, particularly those who join the Premier League from outside.

Although he usually gets it right, I believe that for players like Kudus to be successful, they must rapidly acquire a specific kind of rhythm.

Being an aggressive player, the 23-year-old will benefit from his track record of goals and assists. It will be simpler for him to establish consistency in his attacking production the more minutes he logs. And I must admit, I am concerned that Moyes will move too slowly to put him into action.

When Moyes is overly cautious when bringing in new players, especially offensive guys, I find it bothersome. He seems to miss them experiencing their honeymoon phase while they are full of confidence, in my opinion.

Mohammed Kudus’s goal(s) for West Ham in the Europa League last night will undoubtedly improve his cause, and hopefully he forces Moyes to play him.


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