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No Harry Kane repeat! Spurs to trigger captain Son Heung-min’s contract option, tying him to club until 2026

Tottenham is resolved to exercise the option to extend Son Heung-min’s contract in order to prevent a repeat of the Harry Kane transfer debacle from last summer.

The South Korean star’s contract is set to expire in the summer of 2025, but according to The Telegraph, the London club has a clause that permits them to extend it by an additional year, and they intend to exploit it.


They will avoid another uncertain summer thanks to this choice, but they run the risk of losing their captain the following year. Kane’s decision to depart to join Bayern Munich during the summer transfer window left Spurs in a state of turmoil. When his contract expired at the end of the season, the Premier League team would have lost Kane in a free transfer if they had rejected Bayern’s offer and forced him to stay.


Son is already Spurs’ top scorer this season, having scored three goals in just five Premier League appearances. The 31-year-old took over as captain this season after the departure of previous skipper Kane


Son will attempt to lead his team to victory on Sunday when they take on Arsenal in the first north London derby of the season


Son Heung-min tells funny Cristian Romero story after Tottenham WhatsApp message


They might be good friends and team-mates but not everyone responds to new Tottenham Hotspur captain Son Heung-min immediately

This week, Son Heung-min laughedly acknowledged that he was still waiting for Cristian Romero, a teammate at Tottenham, to respond to one of his messages.

With Romero and James Maddison serving as his vice-captains, the South Korean star has led Spurs through the Ange Postecoglou era. As the team’s leaders, the trio get along well, although Son acknowledged this week at a fans’ forum that the Argentine isn’t always the best at reading his messages.

Son was asked on Tuesday night about that different team huddle right in front of the travelling Tottenham fans during the club’s opening Premier League match at Brentford and he spoke about the reason behind it and also the messages he sent and received – or didn’t – about it.

“Depending on the outcome, it felt like there was a little bit of a disconnect between us and the fans. I was simply thinking about building a special connection. Since it was the opening game of the season and it had been a difficult year that neither the players nor the supporters had anticipated, Son said, “Let’s do the huddle in front of our fans and make us a little bit closer.”

“So we would feel closer to one another and the connection might be a little bit closer. Over 90 or 100 minutes, you obviously need that much help. Every game we play, we aim to dominate, but there will be times when we struggle and require a lot of support.

“So that’s why I thought it would be a good idea to go together at the beginning of the season. On the field, it’s obviously our responsibility, but we can work as a team by doing it together. No matter how things are going, everyone must stick together.

“That’s why I made the decision,” he continued, “and Madders immediately answered and said ‘excellent idea, let’s do that,’ and Cuti… well Cuti, I’m still awaiting his response. But it’s all right. Cuti was asking me “what’s going on?” as we were rushing over to the fans.

“Though, everything turned out well, and after that, everybody knew what it meant to the fans. We have a strong bond, and I believe we should maintain it until the end of the season because it’s crucial for both the players and the supporters.


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