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‘We’ve got our Tottenham back’ – Daniel Levy admits his past ‘mistakes’

Daniel Levy has admitted that Ange Postecoglou has completely transformed the atmosphere at Tottenham since arriving at the club, with everyone at the Lilywhites now moving in the same direction.

After the team bungled their way to an eighth-place finish at the end of the previous season, the mood at Spurs and in the surrounding area was as depressing as it had been in a long time.

When managers with impressive résumés like Antonio Conte and Jose Mourinho failed to guide Tottenham to success, there were doubts.

In an effort to restore entertaining football to N17, Levy and company decided to return to a project manager by hiring Postecoglou in the summer.

The Australian has so far more than delivered, immediately converting the crowd to his way of playing attractive football.

Daniel Levy admits his mistakes at Tottenham

Levy commended Postecoglou for the influence he has had at the club while acknowledging that the choice of “win-now” managers had been a failure.

As reported by Football London on September 23, the Tottenham chairman said during the fan forum held at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium: “Maybe you’ll be startled by my answer, but I want to win as much as everyone else.

“But the disappointment of losing and the pressure from perhaps some players and a significant portion of the fan base that we needed to win, we needed to spend money, we needed to have a big manager, we needed to have a big name, it affected me.

“I had experienced a time when we came close to winning. With Mauricio, we experienced some truly wonderful moments. Though we fell short, we came extremely close and changed our approach. Let’s hire a trophy manager, was the plan.

“Look, we did it twice; you must learn from your errors. They are excellent managers, but perhaps not for this team.

“For what we want, we want to play in a particular way, so if it means winning will take a little longer, maybe that’s the best move for us. That is why, in my opinion, choosing to include Ange was the proper move.

Levy continued, “It’s easy. Our Tottenham is back with us. I just get the impression that we’re watching football the way we used to, and that’s all we want to see—players giving it their all while playing offensive football.

“We want the staff and the players to be connected, both to the fans and to one other. At the training facility and at this stadium on non-matchdays, you can sense it throughout the entire team. It’s very obvious.

It is encouraging to hear Levy acknowledge that his selections of Conte and Mourinho were errors. If he and the Tottenham administration learn anything from the experience, it is to never again forgo playing quality football in favor of the hope of future success.

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