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“So good”- Peter Crouch believes the Tottenham silence on Harry Kane is deafening

Peter Crouch explainshow the reaction to the Harry Kane saga is impressing him at Tottenham

Former Tottenham Hotspur striker Peter Crouch stated on the 90 Minutes YouTube channel how the club’s response to the Harry Kane controversy has really impressed him this season.

There is an odd silence reverberating throughout Tottenham as the dust settles and the Premier League season gets underway. And this stillness is actually impressive, as former Tottenham scorer Peter Crouch notes.

Crouch, a huge man famous for his goal-scoring prowess while wearing a Tottenham shirt, recently expressed his opinions on the state of the team.Crouch noted during an interview on the 90 Minutes YouTube channel

“What is so good about Spurs at the moment is that nobody is really talking about Harry Kane.”

In fact, Tottenham Hotspur’s resiliency and adaptability are demonstrated by the absence of Harry Kane from the headlines. As Spurs supporters struggled with the impending departure of their adored striker, the entire summer was an emotional rollercoaster.

But it’s becoming increasingly evident as the new season goes on that life after Harry Kane is not just doable but also shockingly promising. The appearance of James Maddison has been one of the most important revelations.

Maddison, a player renowned for his creativity and flair, has adjusted into the role and absorbed the responsibility that comes with it with ease. He has even received the striker’s number 10 jersey.

Fans have come to like Maddison, and his performances have also silenced critics who questioned Tottenham’s capacity to fill the vacuum left by Kane. His foresight, deft passing, and eye for goal have given Spurs’ offensive approach a new dimension.

However, more than one player has contributed to Tottenham’s metamorphosis. The whole group has displayed a fresh resiliency and harmony. In the absence of their former captain, the players have embraced their responsibilities and increased their level of responsibility.

The team’s spirit and morale have seen one of the most obvious improvements. The players’ on-field camaraderie and tenacity are contagious, and it is clear that they have quickly moved past the Kane period.


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