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Player who left Tottenham in 2021 now suggests he’d love to play under Ange Postecoglou

Former Tottenham Hotspur winger Gareth Bale has suggested he’d have loved to play under Ange Postecoglou at Spurs.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Bale was all gushing over Spurs’ new manager.

After a standout Premier League season, the Welshman left North London in 2013 to join Real Madrid.

In the summer of 2020, Bale returned to Spurs on a season-long loan after winning five Champions League titles with Real Madrid.

Despite a few moments of brilliance, the winger’s comeback to Tottenham under Jose Mourinho didn’t quite work out, and in 2021 he returned to Madrid.

But Bale has been quizzed on whether he would have liked to work with Tottenham’s new man in the dugout, Ange Postecoglou.

Bale on Postecoglou

Bale was questioned by Jamie Weir of Sky Sports about Postecoglou.

How much would a peak Gareth Bale enjoy playing for Big Ange, he questioned? Spurs supporters just want to watch thrilling football because they are playing it again.

Bale answered, “Definitely, yeah. It’s wonderful to see. They’ve got their old style back, something the club was presumably also seeking for given how he played and performed for Celtic.

Great beginning. Hopefully, the team will have more to share.

“They’ll obviously just keep getting better and better with a new manager, new style, and hopefully they can put themselves up there and give themselves a chance.”

Postecoglou has won three of his first four Premier League matches since taking over as Tottenham’s head coach, and he has had a great season thus far.

It’s fair to conclude that the Australian manager has already changed the way Spurs play, making them more appealing to the eye.

If we could have seen Bale in his prime play under an attack-minded coach like Postecoglou, that would have been some link-up.

Of course, the 34-year-old retired earlier this year after a short spell in the MLS, so a second return to Spurs is completely out of the question.

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