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“I get emotional” – Tottenham star’s mother recalls incredibly touching anecdote, gave her great gift

This international break has seen Cristian Romero highly praised by the Argentine media, as the Tottenham defender has built on his strong start to the campaign under Ange Postecoglou and delivered for his country.

Just a few days ago, the center defender was compared to He-Man, demonstrating how highly regarded he is in his native Argentina. However, the most recent piece focuses on the Spurs player’s more sympathetic side.

According to TyC Sports, Romero made a really thoughtful gift by buying his mother a house, as was disclosed in an interview with the Tottenham star’s parents.

This happened earlier in his career, when he received his first pay check, rather than when he moved to England, where he would have been quite wealthy.

His wife, Rosa, became upset when his father, Victor Romero, mentioned the anecdote on Radio Villa Trinidad.

He recalled that after receiving his first salary, he called his mother and asked her to select the residence she preferred. He gave his mother the house as a gift.

Rosa Romero clarified: “I was taken to see various residences 20 days before to my birthday because it was getting close to my birthday. Since I always emphasized to Cuti that he should invest in a roof over his head, I assumed that it was a home that he intended to purchase for himself. He showed me around because I didn’t have my own home and asked me whether I liked it.

I was overjoyed because it was a gorgeous, new house when all of a sudden he stated, “This house is my birthday present. I still can’t go forward when I think about that because I become sad.

Under Postecoglou, the 25-year-old has had a wonderful start to the season for Tottenham, scoring twice in his opening four games to help the team stay unbeaten for the time being after winning three and drawing the fourth.


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