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Jamie O’Hara says he ‘feels sorry’ for Richarlison after the Tottenham Hotspur speedster was mocked all over social media for crying during Brazil’s 5-1 win over Bolivia.

Social media then posted pictures of Richarlison sobbing on the sideline during a World Cup qualifier on Friday after being replaced, but O’Hara defended the player’s “passion.”

Adding that Richarlison’s only goal is to succeed at the club and international levels, as he stated to talkSPORT, O’Hara noted that this is not the first time Tottenham’s club-record transfer has responded in this manner.

It has been a genuine battle for the 26-year-old player ever since he switched from wearing Everton’s colors to those of Spurs last summer.

He has yet to score more than one Premier League goal for the London club, and he has been forced to witness Brazil exit the 2022 World Cup in Qatar in a most depressing way.

Overall, it appears that the 45-cap Brazil star only needs some luck, with O’Hara standing by the player’s reputation.

O’Hara said, “I have to talk about Richarlison. He was active on Twitter and other social media. During Brazil’s 5-1 triumph over Bolivia, he was replaced. He missed a good opportunity, was ejected, and was sobbing on the bench.

“I actually watched that. I said ‘I kind of feel sorry for him’. He is a player who is struggling for form. Struggling to find the back of the net. But his passion about his game. He wants to do well for Tottenham and he wants to do well for Brazil.

“You see a lot of players out there who don’t actually really give a monkeys how they play and they just pick up a pay cheque. He is on the bench crying because he can’t score.”

Pressure mounting on Richarlison

It’s nice to feel bad for the guy, but that won’t help him improve his performances because he needs to start producing right away.

Son Heung-min, who played in the middle for Tottenham and scored a hat-trick against Burnley, forced Ange Postecoglou to remove him from the starting lineup.

Brennan Johnson has now entered the structure. Another player will move up in the Tottenham hierarchy if Richarlison doesn’t immediately regain his form.

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