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Harry Kane pinpoints the difference in ‘mentality’ between Spurs and Bayern Munich 

Former Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane joined Bayern Munich earlier this summer.

The 30-year-old England international has now highlighted a few key distinctions between the two organizations.

Kane has disclosed that at Bayern Munich, there are much bigger expectations and the team is expected to win every game.

According to the former Tottenham forward, it wasn’t a big deal if Tottenham lost a few games, but at Bayern, there is tremendous pressure to succeed every single week.

The level of football being played has disappointed the fan base even after easy victories. Kane thinks that the German club’s elite mentality is what sets it apart from the other teams.

We wanted to win against Spurs, but it wasn’t a tragedy if we lost a couple of games, he remarked (via Daily Mail). You have to win every game to stay at Bayern. There was talk of not being too thrilled with how we performed after winning our first two games 3-1 and 4-0! mentality of a top club.

The 30-year-old spent his time at Tottenham without ever taking home a single club trophy, and he will be aiming to put an end to that drought soon.

One of the largest clubs in the world, Bayern Munich, intends to contend for both the league title and the Champions League this year.

There is no reason why the German team cannot win both competitions with a striker like Kane at their disposal.

Kane is without a doubt one of the best attackers of his generation, and he has established himself for both club and country over several seasons. He’ll try to establish himself in the Bundesliga right away and lead Bayern Munich to significant victories.

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