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‘I am surprised’: Journalist can’t understand why £25m Spurs player didn’t force his way out this summer

The transfer window is now closed, and while Tottenham managed to get a lot of business done, they didn’t address all of their issues this summer.

Although it is obvious that Tottenham needed to cut the fat from their squad this summer, a few of the periphery players they wished to get rid of are still with the team.

Hugo Lloris and Eric Dier didn’t get their moves, while Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg remained at the club, much to Tom Barclay’s astonishment.

Hojbjerg didn’t try to leave Tottenham this summer, according to Barclay, who also expressed his amazement that the £25 million player is content to wait on the bench for the majority of this year.

Why didn’t Hojbjerg move?

Barclay expressed his opinion on the Dane.

“I’m shocked. I can see how they would be valuable members of the team, especially Hojbjerg, whose professionalism is well-known among the Spurs players and who is more capable than most people realize. The fact that they didn’t try to make a move because they didn’t want to be the benchwarmer, however, surprised me, Barclay added.


In all honesty, we share Barclay’s amazement that Hojbjerg didn’t press his advantage.

The midfielder, quite obviously, doesn’t have a spot in this Spurs team right now, and since he won’t be playing in the Carabao Cup or in Europe for the rest of the season, he also won’t be able to make the team through rotation.

Hojbjerg will surely grow tired of sitting on the sidelines soon, and a January transfer might very well be in the midfielLd.


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