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Nottingham Forest Super star wants to join Spur

‘Without a shadow of a doubt’: Journalist now absolutely certain ‘brilliant’ player wants to join Spurs


Brennan Johnson to Tottenham has been the talk of the transfer window over the past week or so, but, all of a sudden, these links have slowed down.

Indeed, over the past 24 hours all of the talks has been about Ansu Fati, and we’re hearing less and less about Johnson.

Is this deal still going ahead? Well, according to Sami Mokbel, speaking on Last Word on Spurs, this one should still go through.

Mokbel says that he knows without a shadow of a doubt that Johnson wants to join Spurs, and while this is a deal that could go down to the wire, he still expects it to happen.

Johnson should join Spurs

Mokbel shared what he knows about the ‘brilliant’ attacker.

“I think those talks are ongoing, genuine interest in Brennan Johnson and that is an interest I’ve been aware of since mid-July those conversations started taking place. It begs the question why has it taken until now? Of course, the Harry Kane thing was going to be an issue, that situation I think will go to the wire, I don’t think Tottenham look at Brennan Johnson and think they want to pay £50m for him.

“They’ve seen Brentford have a £43m offer rejected and thought ‘wow’ that’s probably the maximum they wanted to pay. Forest seem intent on getting the money he’s worth. Those conversations will have to accelerate.

“I think Tottenham will bid, whether they meet the £50m remains to be seen, what I would say about those tactics and leaving it as late as possible is where does that leave the player? The player wants to come, but I’m not sure Tottenham are making the best case to Brennan Johnson to say we really really want you,” Mokbel said.

“This could have been wrapped up a long time ago, without a shadow of a doubt the player wants to come and I think Tottenham is his first-choice, I still expect it to happen, but I think it should’ve happened a lot sooner.”

Should’ve been done

As Mokbel says, this is a deal that should’ve been done ages ago.

The journalist says that he knew about this interest in mid-July, but, for some reason, it looks as though all parties have been digging their heels in and dragging this one out.

Luckily, it looks like this will eventually be finalised, but Johnson will now have a slightly longer adaptation period as he joins Spurs after pre-season has ended.

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